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“J A G U A R” C o m m e r c i a l



S  N O W


Responsible for a

Snow Explosion

and Snow falling

on the car taking off

Studios: Ring of Fire


Maya, After Effects, 


FX Technique

Method Used

Shot 1: Maya nParticle Debris emitted from a  volume emitter at center of the car, pushed by radial and gravity. Expressions randomize particles's scale and rotation. Particles were instanced and rendered out with motion blur in Mental Ray.

Shot 2: Explosion Puff drifting up, used a faded alpha of Maya Fluids Smokebomb preset with a little gravity. Rendered with Mental Ray.


Shot 3: Dry snow stuck and some part drifting from the car hood. Using the same snow system but emitted from a Volume emitter box to fall down  over the car's hood. Used preroll frames to get the right timing.

Shot 4: FG & BG Snow Fall for the Car taking off. 
nParticles emitted from planes with turbulence, scale & rotation expression randomization. Instanced and motion blur with Mental Ray render.



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