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"G R O W I N G   B O N Z A I"

Maya | RiMel | Mel Scripting


D Y N A M I C   S E C O N D A R Y  G E O M E T R Y


Using Pixar's custom Mel procedures to create secondary geometry, including a custom UI to let users control size, 
position, color, and orientation to the scene

 VSFX 705  SCAD 


Maya, Renderman

Method Used



Create RiMel and Mel to control random size and position of the secondary geometry, also how much scatter they will be.

FX Technique

Then create first base geometry. I used a "SPEEDTREE" to create a tree trunk and bring into maya through alembic


Attach half spheres to the branches to be used as base to populate the secondary geometry: the leaves and constraint base spheres to the tree so they will sway with wind force

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