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L i g h t i n g   VSFX 752

P r o j e c t   2  &  3


M a t c h    T o    L i v e  A c t i o n



This is an assignment for VSFX 752, Winter 2019

Software used: Maya, Arnold, Nuke




1. An Ikea PLant Pot was selected to be the hero

object for my scene. The model was done in half day. Shader was created using AI Standard Shader with really little bump and some scratch.


2. Shooting: I used 2 inch Light Integration Kits that comes with a wooden cube, a grey sphere, a chrome sphere.

The location was outdoor around 4pm on a bench in the garden inside my apartment. 


3. Create Rigid Body FX for the pot destruction in Houdini and import alembic file into Maya


4. Shade, light and render using Maya and Arnold






Live Action

Plant Pot


Maya, Nuke


Match Live Action 

Plant Pot Shatter


Maya, Houdini, Nuke

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